Amanda Lopez nervously looks at the sky of Simpson Village, North Carolina, hoping that the approaching winds of Hurricane Irene will not cause too much damage. She tries to face the stress of her first hurricane season with courage, commitment, and composure; as Irene approaches, Amanda gathers her family in the shelter of the basement to wait out the storm. While waiting for the storm to pass, she recalls the events in her life that led her to the basement.

Recalling those events, she discovers that everything happens for a reason -that fortuitous events looming in her path followed a larger plan. Nothing ever happens by chance. Amanda tries to uncover the reasons for what fate insists on putting in front of her, concluding that they are stepping stones. Everything in the universe is organized and synchronistic; unseen forces engineer our destiny. Apparently unconnected events propel us toward destiny, magically intertwined with our fate. There is no randomness in people, places or things; everything happens, for all of us, for a reason.

From an early age, Amanda was taught to appreciate and love all of God’s creations in nature. Amanda follows the faith and love in her heart that leads her to falling in love with a soldier named Ramiro. After surviving the storm without her husband, Amanda patiently waits for Ramiro to return home from his service overseas.


Sweet Synchronicity


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